belated praise for the Emperor

So in that theoretically uplifting but in fact depressing end-of-year post, I sort of nested a quick "best of," disguised so that no one could accuse me of having done a year-end "best of" list. It all would've gone off without a hitch if not for the fact that I left someone off of it, and I have no clever recourse by which to add that person without making it completely obvious what I had done.

By no means was my quick parenthetical meant to be exhaustive, but I can't list anything about 2005 without giving props to Emperor X. Chad is an amazing songwriter and awesome dude, and "Fractal Dunes . . ." is definitely one of my favorite releases of last year, for sure. If you don't have it, demand it, buy it, steal it from me. You'll be proud to have done so.