when? NOW!

While I'm thinking of things that I love, I'd like to bring to your attention, in case you are not already familiar, Dr. Jack Van Impe. This man is a walking Bible, quoting chapter and verse with reckless abandon but at the same time stunning precision.

The thing that sets Jack apart from other televangelists, though, is not his rapidfire Bible quotation, nor his partner-in-prosyletization/wife Rexella, but his bizarre throwback-to-the-Cold War mentality regarding the interpretation of scripture. He's forward-thinking in some ways -- he isn't particularly tough on people of other religions, for example (even Muslims!). And, despite (clearly) being Protestant, he often expresses being a fan of the Pope. His hangup is . . . Russia and China! And . . . THE EUROPEAN UNION (see Final World Government When? NOW!)!

In a time when, according to most, the enemy is stalking among us and our own sin could be the undoing of us, it's refreshing to see a fundamentalist crazy on TV talking about the outside enemies -- the big empires that are out to destroy. This guy's not folding to current trends in religious rhetoric. He's all about what the Good Book says. I respect a man who stays on message.

Watch an episode online if you can, or check the phenomenon out on Cornerstone TV (Channel 40) in Pittsburgh Saturday night or Sunday morning.