it looks like you're writing a letter!

I've been (hardly) working on writing something about crowded buses, but since that's going nowhere, a quick couple things to voice some concern over:

Out there in the great beyond: they're gearing up to put Tookie Williams to death. Read the article to get a little information about the case -- he founded the Crips, was convicted of murdering four people with a shotgun, has worked to end gang violence, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and now Governor Schwarzenegger is going to put him down. I'm not (right now) going to thoroughly explore my stance on capital punishment, other than to say that ultimately, race, good behavior, and any other issue that might be brought up pales in comparison to the simple fact that we shouldn't be perpetrating this absolutely appaling practice.

There is an online petition here if you're into that sort of thing (I signed, although I don't know how effective they are) and there's also a link to e-mail the Governor's office on that page, if you like that method.

Closer to home: there is a bill being brought to the table tomorrow in City Council to ensure unimpeded entry to health care facilities. Basically this bill would make it illegal for abortion clinic protestors to come within 15 feet of the clinic doors. Regardless of your stance on abortion, I think most of us can agree that we'd rather not F up the minds of the women who are in most cases already F-ed up about the fact that they're having the procedure in the first place. Call or email your city council people and as them to support it. Bill Peduto and Doug Shields are sponsoring, so thank them. Twanda Carlisle is straddling the fence apparently, so give her your support.