the big bus

To continue our Sunday Reading Series: Do check out Dennis Roddy's column from today's Post-Gazette forum section: Roll over and beg. It's about a woman in Denver who doesn't want to have to show identification in order to ride the bus. Imagine!

If I haven't said it before, I'll say it now: Dennis is my favorite newspaper writer in Pittsburgh. (Don't worry, Potter, you're a very close second. Also, one of my friends who once had you for class told me the other day that at the time she wanted to have an affair with you.)

But yeah, Dennis Roddy. Both an amazing reporter (definitely the best interviewer I've had the experience of watching in action) AND an amazing weaver-together of words. Example:

How much of this is security and how much is theater? And if it's theater, how much of it is conditioning a population to put up with feeling shoved around by a monolith that takes our taxes, regulates our economy, inspects our food and sends our sons to war?

Sound libertarian? Sure. Would I consider myself to be pretty left-libertarian? Yeah. So I'm into it.