where there's a quill

First things first: Bellafea are the best and if they're coming your way, do go see their show (and their incredible tourmate Bibis, who is like a little songbird until she starts BELLOWING and turns into Mahalia Jackson, then back into a little bird again). They bear offerings of rock, give them your hospitality in return, and all will be well. Not too many people showed for their/our show Sunday night, but it WAS Sunday night, and people were show-ed out. Next time, the kids will see how it goes.

In other news, I dreamt recently that I fought a drunk person on the porch of the house where I grew up, and on another occasion that I lost my bookbag on the bus and freaked, and on yet a separate occasion that I was walking, with some others, down a trail and under a tree, and the tree had 6 or 7 porcupines in it, and as we went under, I squealed, "OH! LOOK AT THE PORCUPINES!" and then one threw his quills at me (I know this doesn't really happen, but it was a dream, cut me a break).

Also, today is election day. Vote out everyone in power.