this is my weekend.

I write to you from the deepest bowels of Andyfest. We are 2/3 of the way through the shebang, and thus far things have gone quite swimmingly.

A good number of kids showed for facedowninshit, which is awesome, as I wasn't sure if they still had a "crowd" of sorts. They do, it's just not all the same "crowd" they had a few years ago. In fact, it included a lot of kids I had never seen before, and a lot of kids I barely know -- and who are (gasp!) YOUNGER THAN ME.

I felt like I had graduated or something; now I'm the dude who works full time and books some good shows and is in a band, and my old position of going to school, going to shows but not booking them, and not being in a band, has been taken over by someone else. Such is the progression of things, I suppose, but it feels, er, "hella weird," if you will.

Elsewise I still feel weird about "the scene" and the direction in which it's heading; there are definitely some awesome folks doing some awesome things, but it still doesn't feel quite so familial and forward-moving as it did a few years ago. But that could just be me engaging in backinmydayism because I can now, and feeling uncomfortable about things just because I've been feeling particularly conspiciuous and awkward and gawky just lately for no apparent reason.

Last night's zine release was sweet, and I've been very much pleasantly surprised by what of the zine I've read so far. I got to catch Dr. Zack Furness and an in-rare-form html, who did the coffin pines song and made my heart warm.

The Close really are some of the sweetest people I've ever encountered, and I was glad a decent number of people showed to see them at Gooski's. Highly reccommended. All three bands played well, and the three meshed well together.

As I write, the wind is threatening to topple trees, Bellafea is headed into town, the Steelers are ahead, and The King is goin' all out.