oh, you're a holiday

I had intended to write you many things in the past few days, about the radio, about my impending state of agoraphobia, about sleep and dreams, but it seems that those things (well, replace "the radio" with "a frenzied amount of stuff at work") have taken up my time, and I've not done so. And now it's nearly time for me to head back to the parents' (again). There I will eat food, see children, re-read the rest of Dubliners and hopefully read some or all of this Kristeva book. And I'll definitely take care of the last few pages of Embroderies (thus far it's been enjoyable but not nearly as breathtaking as either of the Persepolises) (Persepoli?).

Enjoy your holiday. Perhaps I will issue a communique or two over the weekend. Perhaps I won't. You'll keep hitting "refresh" because there's no other way to know for sure.