my weekend to a tea

This weekend, I made the unfortunate mistake of venturing into Monroeville. I never thought I would be one to complain about this sort of thing, but honestly, I've been pushed too far. It is NOT Christmas yet.

I went in search of nothing in particular, which may have been my first mistake. I was at my parents' house, got a little bugged out about something I couldn't do much about, and, since I couldn't really take a walk to clear my mind (at least not without risking my neck in the midst of the Watkin's Glen-style road racing), I opted to cruise into the capital capital of the eastern suburbs. In the car, I had to pump in a CD or two because there was Christmas music on the only station that I would consider to be half-decent on the radio anymore.

I tried Goodwill, but it was Super Saturday, the alliterative event in which everyone gets half off everything. I couldn't handle the preponderance of patrons, so I skedaddled to Gabriel Brothers, skipping out on Michael's because, while I could use some arty stuff, I'm pretty sure every Saturday is a Super Saturday there.

Gabes' parking lot was full up. This set my spidey sense a-tinglin', not so much because I didn't want to walk the distance I would have to after I parked in the last available space, but because I knew what I would encounter inside. And I did.

Pairs and threesomes walking slowly, blocking entire aisles. Individuals on their cellular phones, describing belts to their significant others. Tons of people in the market for long underwear. Animated Santas. Christmas music piped in to get us in the spending spirit. A man wearing a pair of glasses with the tag still on, obscuring his vision, ASKING ANOTHER MAN TO READ THE SIZE OF A PAIR OF PANTS FOR HIM.

I scurried back to the car, figurative tail between my legs, and made for Giant Eagle, where another sort of holiday rush was on. The organic/veg selection there always makes my toes curl, offsetting the fact that I couldn't find any peppers (of any sort), and I was sketched by the dude giving out samples of Kashi cereal.

One good find was an assorted carton of black teas from Twinings, with which I was previously unacquainted. Perhaps I've been living under an Oolong rock. Regardless, I'm a fan. (Lady Grey tea? What a blend! Where have you been all my life?)

Otherwise, I spent a great deal of time sleeping, which is my new (rediscovered?) passion and pastime. Seriously. A good 10-11 hours a night, supplemented today by a short afternoon nap. I can attribute it to the mono now, but honestly it's not that far off from my normal needs.