he does it every night

A few things:

First of all, American Apparel is moving into town. I hear there's a store going in in Shadyside, which makes sense. If you don't know what sucks about AA, read about it here. Is it asking too much to not want to have to choose between sweatshops and a culture of sexual harassment?

Second, why is it that I've been barely busy at work for two weeks, and now that I've gotten to feeling seriously not well, I've gotten swamped? And of course I've got no sick days, so I'm spreading a personal day thin and going home early a few days. But seriously. Thank goodness for student workers. Although one of my students was out today too! Good heavens.

I took a nap after I got home for about an hour . . . my throat isn't as bad as it was over the weekend, fortunately (the nasty white patchy stuff is retreating); I'm just kinda pokey and groggy and stupid and irritable, and afraid I'm going to accidentally hurt someone every time I turn around.