today's score

Before tonight's show, I spent a long time being cold and bored at Roboto waiting for the meter reader, then spent a lot of time on buses getting home, and had a quick crisis regarding my planned mixtape contribution, which I then scrapped in favor of a quickly and shoddily cobbled together 60-minute tape of which I couldn't even be proud enough to inscribe with my secret identity contact information. Then I made a transportation disaster getting there and became quite irate with myself, nearly decided just not to go, and sucked it up and went through with it. Then, a stunning but all-too-short period of Pure Mountain Goats Bliss, followed by but superceding another period of being unable to convince myself that I am not quite the failure in many respects.

But that's not the point. The point is, good job, John Darnielle. You amaze. For most of the set I was quite pleased by your guitar-and-bass arrangements (although "Color in Your Cheeks" could stand to lose the overwhelming walking bass line . . .)

Apologies for any typos. The sleepiness has overtaken me. More later.