thursday the 13th!

There was a hostile vibe throughout the fair city of Pittsburgh today, which made me feel as if staying inside all day, instead of just for the first several hours of the day, would have been ideal.

- I witnessed at least two shouting matches in Oakland.
- The friend I met for lunch regaled me with the tale of a fight (an argument, not fisticuffs) with a roomate which occured earlier in the morning.
- I was nearly run over (SERIOUSLY MACKED) by a bus whose driver was apparently "fresh out of give-a-fucks" and ran a red light, which I didn't realize he was doing until I was just past the lane and his vehicle was directly behind me, going about as fast as logistically possible, given that he had been stopped completely when the light turned yellow.
- On the 54C headed to the South Side, we were pelted with small rocks by some middle school or high school-aged kids on the sidewalk on Fifth Avenue.
- Waiting (50 minutes) for the 54C back from the South Side, I heard what sounded to be the beginnings of yet another shouting match, apparently brought about by someone sitting or standing on an angry man's car.

Let this be your warning. I hereby command you to CHILL OUT before tomorrow begins.