days of trash talk, nights of delirious silliosity

Yesterday, last Pirate's Cove show. Scene stalwarts and p0sers like myself who had never been there (we TRIED to get a show there on tour, it just didn't happen! And we know people there! Come on GET OFF MY BACK!) converged upon the little House By the Wawa to give it one last shower of punk smell and loud, abrasive music stuff. The drive was a good five hours or so each way, and in the end the day lasted from about 10 am to about 2 am, which then became 1 am again, because of the powers that be and their Daylight Savings delusions. But Sequoia ruled the roost with their set (including the bagel song), the new Tom Attack/ex-Sound of Failure band, which apparently does not have a name, or does not have a name people know or can pronounce, was really good (despite my reservations about the drummer's snare drum, which looks to be a rack tom with a snare somehow affixed to the resonant head), and . . . Belegost.

Belegost was amazing as per usual, despite some equipment troubles (pedals cutting out? I've never heard of such a thing!). Poor Charlie was a wreck about the house coming to an end, and sobbed through the first couple minutes of the Deer God, then ripped it out, and halfway through, something in Allen's pedal setup cut out, so after a short period of trying to figure it out, he ripped out his cable, shoved it straight into the input on his amp, and continued accordingly. Also, I guess to their credit, none of them kicked the dude, whose identity/affiliation I could not quite determine, who was snapping photos all papparazzi style, gettin' up in their space while they were playing. I probably would not have been as kind.

Had to check out early, and thus missed Hypatia and Robot Attack and Carpenter And and any other ridiculousness that may have occurred thereafter. But that got us home at 2:00 aka 1:00, which was nice. And now I'm a little sick and my gland is swollen and I have to go draft up a pamphlet for tonight's Media Swap at the Mattress Factory, which I will likely attend, unless I am feeling very unwell, which is a possibility.