anxious mo-fos

Are you familiar with the Minutemen? Not the Minutemen, the Minutemen. There was a story in the Trib on Sunday (DON'T ASK!) about a local couple who are going to "vacation" at the Arizona border, using their binoculars to watch for Mexicans instead of birds or dolphins or whatever retirees are supposed to look at in binoculars on vacation. And, in case you were worried about them, fear not. They'll "both be packing pistols just in case." Sounds like an excellent vacation to me.

Also, in case you were worried about them being RACIST XENOPHOBIC CRAZY PEOPLE, you can rest assured that this is NOT about immigration. It's about ILLEGAL immigration. Their concern is not that there are different-looking and acting and speaking people coming into the country, it's that they're doing it against the law. And, to be fair, these two sit outside banks in the South Hills with their pistols and binoculars during the rest of the year, so they can call the police iff'n they see a robbery take place, and go to dark alleys on the North Side with their night vision goggles so they can alert the authorities to suspected drug deals.