so far this weekend.


- Seeing friends (old Pittsburghers, general Chicagoans, one North Carolinian)

- Being called "fucking metal" by three guys who also referred to those who stood outside during our set in Chicago as "cunts."

- An AMAZING beautiful storm (featuring a strip of mammatus clouds in Wisconsin that, unbeknownst to us, was spawning tornadoes elsewhere.

- A "Service Engine Soon" light that, I assure you, means nothing.

- A salted mango.

- Big V's hockey jersey, which actually said "Big V" on the back.

- A huge sack of popcorn.

- A paint can falling out the tailgate (foolishly left open) of a pickup truck on the interstate after quite a long time of shimmying back and forth and tempting fate. Don't ask why this was so amusing. It just was.

We came, we played, we sold some stuff, we basically made enough money to cover the cost of coming. We're too tired to go to a party we were graciously invited to and would like to go to. We're coming home tomorrow.

More sensory observations to come.


Anonymous sarak said...

re: a paint can falling ...

have you seen "you, me, and everyone we know" yet? you should. there is a great highway falling things scene that made me cry.

re: salted mango

how was this? i've been curious.

6:06 PM  
Blogger andybot said...

No, I haven't. Mikey C and I tried to a couple weekends ago but the projector was broken at the Manor so we couldn't. The girl was really apologetic, it really hurt her feelings to tell us we couldn't see our movie. So that made me laugh.


I was wary at first, but the salted mango was awesome. Sort of savory, not just sweet. I guess that's the point. It was bought by Kevin from a door-to-door vendor dude in Humboldt Park, where Rick and Brieann live, which is a super Latino community, and has such awesome things as The Mango Man.

10:30 AM  

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