oh look, the weekend is coming.

When you're unemployed like certain of us, every day is like the weekend. But for the rest of you, the real weekend is fast approaching, and there are many things to do with yourself during this time, none of which is a Steelers game.

Tomorrow evening I may well end up downtown at the gallery crawl, even though I don't know much about what's going on there (other symptoms of chronic unemployment include apathy, lethargy and a general tendency to not pay attention). Built to Spill is also playing, at Mr. Smalls, but that's in Millvale (not public transit-friendly, or particularly bike-friendly) and I didn't get a ticket, and I'm getting stingy in these dragging weeks of incomelessness) (WHICH REMINDS ME, I get my last paycheck tomorrow, despite not having worked a day or this month, because the paychecks are so delayed at my former place of employment).

Saturday, Medications are playing at Garfield Artworks with Allies and some bands I don't know. I suspect I will go to this show. This is after the IMC meet thing, where I will see you. Also, AIR is having an all-day fundraiser show event thing with lots of bands, from noon till midnight. $10 donation for that.

Sunday, I think we're probably finishing up the mixing for the long time coming split LP (the label, who is also my roommate and landlord, is threatening to drop us if we don't hurry up), and/or I might head to the parents' house to indulge their need for someone to do physical labor. That's still to be seen.