labor day is barely over, so check it:

We went to Quimby's Saturday morning before leaving Chicago for St. Paul, and I soon realized we were walking in on a most Burianical moment: Al sits behind the desk, and next to him lies one loaf of bread, one jar of peanut butter and one jar of jelly. "Looks like you got yourself the makings for a fine peanut butter and jelly sandwich there, sir," says I.

"Yeah, yeah," he concurs. Then he looks about for moment and admits: "I just really need a knife." I unfortunately don't have my bookbag with me, else I could help. A few moments later, he walks by, still unfed, and drops a plastic fork on the floor.

Sometimes you've got all the fixings, but without a knife to put it all together, you're helpless, and gosh darn it, a plastic fork won't do.

But like I said, Labor Day just ended, and the point of this story is not about the impossibility of the perfect sandwich or the perfect life, or anything of that sort. It's actually about the book I bought my roomates that morning as a gift: Wobblies! A graphic history of the Industrial Workers of the World.

It has some amazing art and some amazing history, and while I definitely spent too much money this weekend, I don't regret having gotten it for them. It's new, and I recommend it if you're intested in radical/labor history and/or aesthetically pleasing things.


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