it's an oxymoron, like "microsoft works"

So for my birthday, The Girl and I went to see Corpse Bride, which was cute and short, the way I like my movies. (Insert stupid joke about women here.) The way movies (and books and any sort of narratives) treat death and afterlife and zombie-ism or whatever always interests me, so, even though it's a kid-oriented story, it made my wheels turn.

Also, we read some Jews for Jesus pamphlets (source of my post title . . . I never said they weren't clever) and ate a white pizza at Aiello's, which resulted in her becoming rather sick-ish. But not before getting the old tattoo-related talk from the guy who works there with the funny braided goatee a la Scott Ian.

(We ran into Tyler whilst reading the J4J propaganda, and he mentioned that they had "gotten him" the night before. I asked if they converted him, and he said that they had gotten him to become a Jew, but didn't succeed in pushing the Jesus part.)

Today I return to that place whence I came (well, not really, but that place whence I went to high school, and where my parents call home still) for some family action. I've been promised that my 3-year-old nephew will be hopped up on drugs still following an allergy incident earlier in the week. That should be amusing.