it's one of my bad habits.

Emily once told the story of how the Computer Nerd at the office where she worked at the time ate lots and lots of disgusting prepackages sugary things, and one time she walked in on him in the break room with a pyramid of Diet Coke cans on the table, photographing them.

"This is one of my bad habits," he explained self-consciously.

What, exactly, was the habit?

"Taking pictures of food."

Well, if it's a bad habit, then I don't wanna be good. Above is our dinner from last night, not the most photogenic ever, but still pretty nice. Grilled seitan reubens (constructed by Emma, making up for Saturday's less-than-impressive tempeh reuben experience at Quiet Storm) and fried potatoes (designed by Q), with ginger brews of differing varieties to drink.

Despite a hankering cold that I came back to bite me after I bragged that I had beaten it, fueled by this tasty food, I applied for TWO JOBS today, at least one of which I am confident I am qualified for and can get. Hopefully I can get through the fall without being completely destitute at any point. Hopefull also I won't have to deal with applying through Pitt's ridiculous HR website, which uses the most poorly designed and buggiest software this side of Blackboard. It took me probably over an hour to apply for these jobs, when I had most of my information already online and it should have taken maybe half an hour.

Please do get yourself a copy of Jaden's Swirling Vortex of Terror zine if you haven't yet. The show was a blast (a slightly underwhelming Pay Toilets set was made up for when Jim caught himself in front of a seven-year-old and said "He doesn't give a shit -- fu -- I mean, FUCK. He doesn't give a FUCK!") (also Sequoia was big and loud and amazing).

ALSO, I forgot to point this out last week, CONGRATULATIONS to Monroeville and Pitcairn residents for riding your council's ass until they rejected Wal-Mart. This location would've been right on my way to the parents' house, and would've been an eyesore and a mindsore and a heartsore, and would've finished Pitcairn off for sure.

Last but not least, do listen to Rustbelt Radio tonight at 6:00 on 88.3 WRCT to hear my report on Grow Pittsburgh. It'll be posted online later if you can't tune in.


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