i'm just going to tell you about things i'm doing soon.

Here are some things you might be interested in:

- Jaden's Swirling Vortex of Terror zine release show/party is this Saturday, September 17 at Roboto. Jaden, in case you are not "in the know," is my friend Charissa's son. He's seven and is publishing his first zine, replete with interviews, show and CD reviews, etc. We are playing, along with Sequoia and Pay Toilets. (Yes, Pay Toilets and a seven-year-old. In the same room.) Five dollars gets you in, gets you a zine, and gets you goodies.

- We're playing Advanced Calculus at some point soon. We're scheduled to be on Monday, Sept. 26, but there's a show at CMU that night that WRCT is putting on, so we'll probably pre-record and it'll run and no one will listen because everyone will be at the show. That's OK. I'll let you know anyway.

- The first weekend of October will be an Indymedia meet-n-greet type session, for anyone who would like to get involved in the IMC. More details on that when they're shored up -- I think it's going to be Saturday afternoon at Kiva Han on Craig St.

- We're playing with Cerebrus Shoal and Air Guitar Magazine at AIR on October 18th. That will be awesometastic.

I'm also working on bringing you a few totally sweet out of town bands on the first weekend of November, so don't be out of town, if you live here in this town. More details when they become available.


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