i didn't leave the house today until 6:30.

I got up this morning at 9:30 (okay . . . closer to 10. It's not my fault. Sarak kept me up talking on the instant messenger all night) and I didn't leave the house until about an hour ago. Therefore, I'm going to leave again pretty soon, just to be somewhere else. I'm getting couch sores.

But I feel okay because I accomplished things. I finished my radio piece for next week's Rustbelt Radio AND I made lots of funny jokes on an internet message board. For whatever reason, I feel like that counts for something.

I missed the City Council special meeting on Taser use because I was sitting here making poems out of ridiculous things Adam Mac says on said message board. I hope someone with note taking skills and a minimum of rhetoric made it and will report back on the IMC. It would be a shame to miss out on it, but I didn't go, so I can't complain.

Also today, I got my first SPAM COMMENT on this blog, which I promptly deleted. If it becomes an issue, I'll just turn comments off, at which point you'll just have to email me when you have something to say. That isn't so damn hard, is it? IS IT NOW?


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