all this, and i'm about to eat a banana

In pleasant Internet-related news, I spent some birthday money recklessly and we now have a (fully functional) wireless router of our own, so it's back to dispatching these reports from places like the kitchen, my bed, and the john.

I trolled about the commercial strip of Monroeville this morning, purchasing things like picture frames, a fall sweater (Seriously. It looks like something that would be worn in an ad for the Clarion Autumn Leaf Festival), and a triple EXXXTREME razor, important as I have shaven my face again. I did not go into The Dreaded Music Store again, though I shuddered as I passed it. I didn't even go in the nice one.

I have a job interview on Wednesday (finally!) (I can't believe I'm sort of looking forward to a return to the 8:30-to-5, but I'm aiming to have at least half as much to do with my days as the people I care about have) and I'm also hoping to read Ulysses finally, or at least put a dent in it, since my mom got me a sort of accompanying text that explores Dublin's cartography at the time of the novel.

And I saw the family yesterday (some of the little ones a bit hyped up, but generally in good shape), and the Steelers lost (but it was close!) (I have such a muddled relationship with football, which perhaps I will explore one of these days), and I've eaten much too much in the way of sweets lately.

Time to find some self-control, it seems, for a lot of reasons.