update the punx

Apologies if I've already used that post title. I don't think I have, but it feels a little worn. I'm sure I'll start doubling up soon. I only have so many cute phrases in this brain.

I've got, as Emma would say, bunnies in my brain right now, as it is past my bedtime AND I'm jumpy with caffeine AND I just got off an hour-and-a-half-plus marathon of answering Roboto emails for Mike while he's away. So this will likely be short, but hey, I owe you one.

Speaking of Emma, SHE IS BACK from her two-week trip and I'm stoked. I was doing pretty well without her at first, but that's because I was massively busy, and after a bit I began to miss her sorely (Emma, for those of you not In the Know, is my roommate and, er, BFF). There have been bonecrushing hugs in the past several hours, I assure you of this.

The show last night was super despite the fact that Growing ended up broken down in New Jersey. Three locals, one basement, zero dollars. These are my favorite shows. We didn't even get in trouble for being too loud.

I'm excited about the upcoming weekend trip we're doing to Chicago and Minneapolis, which I'll detail more quite soon. It's next weekend (Labor Day weekend). I'm pumped that in Chicago we're playing with two or three bands that I ACTUALLY WANT TO SEE (this is quite a rarity when you're playing out of town) and that Hopper has previews running in the weeklies in both towns and that Hopper is in Chicago now after all and I might actually get to see her and regardless I'll be seeing other Chicagoans whom I love. I'm down because my hi-hat cymbals are currently in Philly due to my own stupidity, my kick pedal is currently broken because it's not that great, and also because of my own BRUTALITY, and I lost my duffel bag so I need a new one, AND I need a new snare for my snare drum.

Speaking of ambivalence, tomorrow is my last day at my job, which is nice because I get some time off, and not so nice because it's sort of an indefinite time off. I'm hoping to get something lined up right soon. But as it stands, I'll be, er, CHILLIN' for a few weeks. Expect/demand good writing in September.

There are more ruminations ruminating . . . I shall put them in writing for you soon.


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