so many orchids

The trip to Phipps coincided nicely with my current slow-but-sure digestion of Susan Orlean's The Orchid Thief, which is treating me quite well. There were loads of orchids in bloom, ones that looked really "pretty" and garden-ish, ones that looked like faces, ones that wouldn't generally be considered all that attractive but they were so delicate you couldn't help but fall in love with them.

And bonsai as well. I've been into bonsai for a while but tried it a couple times and just couldn't keep up, and killed the poor things. I missed out on the Bonsai Society's show this summer (working the Arts Festival . . . and barely getting paid . . .), but maybe I'll get one next year and try to not make it die.

Also Friday night, said Girl and I went to this party in Shadyside(!) where I was prepared to feel uncomfortable, but then all the Punks showed up for whatever reason and IA complained a lot and it was funny so it wasn't so bad.

And yesterday Mikey and I tried to go see that Miranda July movie at the Manor but the projector was broken so we chilled at 61C and watched the amazing storm through the glass. Then I went to the Roboto show and saw Del Cielo, who always put me in an excellent mood.

And now, I'm chilling at my parents' and doing laundry and doing yard work a little and using the internet (did I mention that our stolen wireless is gone and we have to dial up at my house now? Lame.) and relaxing.

More later.


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