observations and standing ovations

1. Yesterday morning while walking to work, I was waiting at the corner of Craig and Fifth and heard a voice from somewhere out in the street yell "WHY WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT?!"

I looked all about, trying to determine the source of the query and the "something" in question, and my eyes fixed on a passing box truck, which rounded the corner then stopped on the side of Craig Street. The same voice then said something like, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!" and then, slowly, an old, Willie Nelson-looking man with a big backpack emerged from the passenger side, and the truck sped away, tires squealing, leaving me to wonder what (fooling with the radio without permission? self-urination? road head gone bad?) could have brought on this violent reaction from the driver.

2. Also yesterday, the contractors began work on re-siding our house. I figured this out when I woke up and there were people pounding on the side of the house. They're doing the back and the left side of the house, and they began with the side, and when I got home the side of the house was bare and everything that used to be there was in the neighbor's yard. Whoops. This is not going all that well.

3. Two shows this weekend. Rock'n'roll is hard work, baby. Friday night at Howler's with Kim Phuc, Athletic Automaton, (((microwaves))) (10 pm). Saturday night at Roboto with Kalon, Southpaw, Nakano (7 pm). Please note that in the case of the Saturday show, our band name is more words than all the other band names combined.


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