my mother told me:

Last weekend while in the car with the mother, my hand was forced on the "you're not really serious about going back to school next year" issue. I had been meaning to bring it up myself for a while, but she beat me to it, which wasn't that hard to do, and I had to admit, no, I might not be going right back. I've still got my plans -- education, either secondary or college, either English or communication -- but I might put them off another year. I explained that things with the band are going well, and we'll probably want to do some more extensive touring and record some more and keep it up while we can, because you don't get a lot of chances at something like this. To which she responded:

"What's the point?"

"Whaddyou MEAN?" I asked, incredulous.

"You guys KNOW you're not going to be The Beatles!" she informed me. "What's the point?"

Ohhhh, Mom!

And speaking of things my mother informed me of, if you want to be slightly freaked out, I suggest that you read this. I think the link only works for a week. I have no idea how to take this. I looked up the woman's name to try to find information about her story, but couldn't really find any. Is this for real? What happened? And is "de-brained" really a word?


Anonymous Spiff said...

"De-brained", I think, is at least as much of a word as "Avolidably."

3:14 PM  

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