letting fury have the hour

So, while I was carting around between Pittsburgh and the suburbs thereof on Saturday, some people in Oakland protesting military recruitment were being shot with tasers and bitten by dogs.

I knew about this ahead of time but I guess I was busy and this sort of action isn't the type of thing that necessarily turns me on lately (it CAN be, but isn't necessarily). But, while it's good to be taking slow, everyday type steps toward the kind of world you want, it's also important to sometimes have something tangible to do to make you feel better about living in the country/society/world that you live in. It's a matter, I guess, of structuring and targetting that tangible thing so that it's at least somewhat constructive (not to say that the protest on Saturday wasn't constructive, I think it was). I was recalling recently the Student Strike we organized in early 2003 at the beginning of the new Iraq war, and how it was targeted and structured and kind of even constructive. What a feelgood action.

In retrospect I've definitely been feeling down that I didn't really do much to help out this weekend, and haven't "helped out" all that much lately, for lack of feeling like there's a place where I can feel right plugging in. It doesn't do much good to sit and mope about, so I suppose I should just work toward doing more in some capacity -- getting reinvolved in Indymedia, which I'm currently working on doing, should be a start. And since I'm about to get kicked out of my job and won't have a new one for at least a few weeks, I should have some time to do it well. I'll also be working on a zine with some essays and perhaps some retooled blogpostation. Hopefully I'll manage to actually take advantage of this time; even though I haven't been full-on depressed like I have been in the summertime in the past, and I have a lot of things going on and a lot of things going for me, I've been feeling lately like I haven't been able to motivate myself to do some important things.

So, here's to kicking myself in the ass and getting stuff done. Perhaps you'd like to kick yourself as well. Or, you kick me, I'll kick you, we'll call it even. Listmaking this week, checkmarking next. Right?


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