let's step into the conference room.

Today, I had a job interview.

It was essentially the first "real" interview I've ever had, as my student position at Hillman basically required me merely to show up and not be drunk or an illegal alien and my interview at Burger King in high school basically went something like:

Manager: Why Burger King?
Andy: It's close to my house and hires just about anyone, and I'm a teenager and have no scruples.

This interview sort of surprised me in its concentration on skills and job-related questions and basic lack of "Where do you picture yourself in five years?"-type bullshit. It was kind of nice. Even though it underscored the fact that I'm probably less qualified than the guy who has been the student worker in said office for four years, who also interviewed. But whatever. If I don't get this one, at least I know it's not because I'm dumb, just because he's really qualified, and I can likely land one at Hillman soon.

In other news, the September midwest trip for the band is looking up! While we're still working stuff out in Minneapolis (there's definitely a show at the Turf Club on September 3, we might still swing an earlier all-ages show with some bands more in our vein. The Chicago show is coming together well: Rick Gribenas's band, Sharks and Seals, are playing with us, as are Russian (Pete from Challenger and a sweet young lady named Lauren and I don't know who all else but I'm sure they're awesome). That show is September 2 at the Spareroom Gallery so if you're in Chicago, come, and if you know folks there, give them a heads-up.

Also, I'd like to quickly point out that at the co-op today, after the interview, I saw a woman chowing down at the cafe who had a Syphilis Lunchbox. I mean, I guess lunchtime is as good a time as any to worry about that stuff . . . I guess . . .


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