Thank you, Philadelphia, for:

- The awesome Steve Roche, amazing sound engineer and all-around sweet dude who has a great deal of patience and who made my drumming sound good (an accomplishment!)

- Belegost, who will blow you and me away with their side of this split.

- JD Foster (dude will be back in Pittsburgh eventually, we're promised). I can ask for little more when staying in another city than a floor with some carpeting, a dog to cuddle with, Irish Breakfast tea, superb tofu scrambler, and the nicest dude not in Pittsburgh anymore.

- Govinda's Gourmet to Go. Tasty vegan cheesesteaks from reputed Christian proselytizers? Whatever. It's good.

We basically have release details almost worked out with regard to the split, and it's pretty exciting. The recording sounds great and Belegost is surely going to rule hard in two weeks when they go in to do theirs. Now and then I felt a little intimidated by the whole process, not knowing much of anything about it, but the people around me were patient and helpful and now I feel a bit better-equipped for . . . next time?

Looking forward to sleeping many hours tonight.


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