garden report

We've been doing a decent job this year of keeping up with the garden as a household--we each tend to pick up one another's slack at the right time. The tomatoes are slithering out of control nonetheless, and the beans seem to be succumbing to some sort of disease, but in general things are in better shape than they were last year.

Q harvested a good portion of the potatoes (not a bad harvest, considering. Potatoes take some work). We're finally starting to get some tomatoes. I just harvested some MORE basil (Emma has made gallons upon gallons of pesto so far this summer. I think we'll dry this batch for seasoning). Fall crops should go in soon. Some lettuce, some spinach, perhaps some more peas.

One of the things in the garden that pleases me the most is the couple of volunteer nicotianas that grew up where we had a huge patch of them last year. I had fully intended planting some nickis this year but forgot/got lazy. So one or two plants popped up anyway, to give me my fix of that ol' nickertianer scent (this is the part where you wish there was a smell function on your computer).

Expect more botanical nerdery in the near future, as I'm planning on finally going to Phipps, for the first time ever (with a Girl, nonetheless!) (but let's not jinx this!). I have been living the life of a plant poser for all too long. We hit the National Botanical Gardens whilst on tour, and it was pretty great, but I'm pretty sure Phipps is a bit bigger. Take that, DC.


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