weekend review.

This weekend I:

Saw awesome friends play awesome music.

Bought a bike from Alison (a '77 Peugeot, pretty similar to my old Gitane, which is good).

Threw a new chain on said bike.

Had a good talk with someone close to me.

Hung out with my little nephew!

Started working preliminarily on a piece for my zine. If you know of anything written about communication and relations in a diy subculture as opposed to mainstream celebrity culture, please give a holler my way. If not, I'll break new amazing heretofore unthoughtof ground. But I'm sure SOMEONE has written about this before.

Made food for the bands for tonight (note: Slingshot Dakota are now playing this show as well. They are super swell. I'm stoked on meeting them and seeing them play.

Slept some but not enough. Never enough.

By way of a quick Internet Week That Was for the week ending 7.9.2005, I'd like to point out these two gems that made the last week on the Internet a wonderful thing for me:

Manny's 500-word polemic in response to my reckless Eagles reference

The Mary Worth Archive of the Subdivided We Stand blog


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