palindrome weekend, you are kicking my ass

So, to take care of things in the order in which they came:

The show Friday night was fantastic, the space sounded really good, I thought we played well, the other bands were awesome. Unfortunately, I also BROKE MY FINGER PLAYING DRUMS. As a quick fix we ran to 7-11 and got a popsicle, Jo and I split it and left a chunk in the wrapper to use as an ice pack, then when we finished the popsicles we splinted the finger (right hand, pinky finger) (as an aside, I really hate typing periods and p's and semicolons and stuff right now).

Yesterday I spent a lot of time going to stores and things of that nature, and trying to help with the cleaning of the house and the preparing of the baked goodies for the reading. And unwrapping, icing, and re-wrapping my finger. I went to the ATM at Penn and Winebiddle to get some cash and it was out of order, then when I went to walk home it started pouring. That sums up yesterday.

The reading went spectacularly, a good 40-ish people showed, aforementioned SOMEONE I was worried about showing did not, but we speculated that it was he who was occasionally ringing the doorbell while Al read, then quickly disappearing. The mental image of this is almost more than I can take. All the readers were super. Al singing like a Slovenian dude singing Prince was probably the highlight of the event.

We then took the long way to the South Side, where we hit the Brew House activities, which were all in all quite festive and enjoyable. html played shortly after we arrived, at times it was kind of messy because, presumably, they couldn't really hear what all was going on on that stage. But it tightened up soon enough, and they wrapped up with the coffin pines song, which invariably moves me close to tears. It's as much the history of the song as the content . . . I guess the story goes that Eric wrote the words for Sparrow (before I knew any of those dudes), they brought them back for html (when I first met them), it was my favorite song of theirs, they stopped playing it for a year or two, Joel covered it solo after Q + Emma's wedding, and this spring at the tape comp release show(? i think?) html played it for the first time in ages, and dedicated it to me for my graduation. The song itself is about strong relationships that last lifetimes, and I suppose that, in combination with the history of the song for me, and the fact that I'm getting old and wishy-washy, is positively killer for me.

So, after that, all that was left to do was to sit outside on a lawn chair and share an Iron City with a girl I just met recently, then cruise home singing along to Elton John's greatest hits, then make food and tell ghost stories and watch Jessica blog.

This morning was waffle nation, today I do a little more baking, tonight is the reading Emma is booking at MoFo, tomorrow night is the show at Roboto that we're no longer playing because, as noted, I'm broken. All the p's and punctuation are making me ache. This is the best I can do for now.


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