palindrome weekend here i come

Today I woke up at 11 am (this means I got about 11 hours of sleep) and I STILL didn't feel rested. That's abnormal even for me. I'll go on thinking it's because of the heat, and not because I am in some way losing my ability to carry on as a normal, semi-healthy human.

Speaking of hot, it's gettin hott in hurr, as I am in the kitchen and baking chocolate chip cookie bars and super spicy oatmeal cookies sweetened with brown rice syrup for the reading tomorrow evening. Do I mind that it's like 90 degrees out and I was breaking a sweat as soon as I woke up, without even having the oven on? Yes. But the baked goods must go on. Nothing will stop this reading from being fantastic, even if a certain someone (whom I would link to a photo of, but apparently he does not allow people to take his picture) tries to fuck it up, which he may or may not be planning to do. My feeling right now is that he's not actually going to bother.

Things currently pleasing me are: the Tom Tom Club s/t LP that I just busted out after a long hiatus, hearing back from Aimee about possibly playing with Des Ark when we hit Carolina in (Post-)Rawktober, Emma's awesome cookbook-writing skills (1 c oil (I know it seems gross but just use it all, ok?)).

Show tonight (Future Tenant), reading tomorrow night (MoFo), other reading the next night (also MoFo), other show Monday night (Roboto). Come see me at any or all of these. I currently have no time to have or express any meaningful, profound thoughts because I have too many things to promote.


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