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You are amazing. Do not go on hiatus or whatever it is you told me tonight you were going to do. Tour with me, move to my city, say funny things at opportune moments when I'm around.

Ed, D.C. doesn't need another lawyer. D.C. needs YOU and YOUR GUITAR, ROCKING THE FUCK OUT.

Sean, despite your seeming complaints about it, your kit rules. I'd like to be hitting something similar as soon as having a new job and some money to spend allows. The 28" bass is a drumming essential for 2005, and I will not be ashamed to hop on this drumwagon, if you want to call it that.

(If you don't have their EP on Lovitt, go and find it. It's on my best-of-the-year list already. It's more than a sentimental attachment based on their playing our release show in May that was the feelgood show of the year for me. The CD holds its own.)

PS-- Thank you for being the band on the bill tonight WITHOUT dual screaming vokillz. I got pretty worn out on that. Screaming is such a delicate practice--there are bands that scream that have something to say, and scream it in a way that is a dead giveaway of their passion for their message, or whatever it is they're expressing. But there are lots of bands that just use screaming as a type of delivery. It's like going through everyday life yelling every bit of dialogue, or typing up an entire letter in all caps. How does your audience know what's most important? How do we know that anything is important at all? How do we have any idea what you're saying?


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buy the record, read the lyrix.

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