band in the USA

Here are some music-related tidbits to keep you and me happy for a short while:

- Last night our LIVE STUDIO X SESSION aired on The X. It was a strange situation to be in -- just to be asked to do that in the first place, and then to deal with it when you're three dudes with a not-so-sunny view of Clear Channel. Our ultimate call was that we had more to gain from the appearance than they did, and that it was worth it. Vinnie, who hosts the show we were featured on, is a super good dude who likes good music and manages to have a show where he actually plays some good music. And the mix on the radio sounded really good. And a couple people have already ordered copies of the EP after having heard us on there. And hopefully maybe it'll cause someone new to come to Roboto one of these days right soon.

- Tomorrow evening (Tuesday the 18th) we're playing at AIR with Cerebrus Shoal, Air Guitar Magazine (they're releasing a CD!) and Micah Blue Smaldone. We play first, so far as I know.

- We're also going to be playing on the 26th of October at Roboto, the 1st of November at Roboto, the 6th of November at Roboto, and the 13th of November at the Blue Violet Cafe in Rochester (PA).